Social cognition : an integrated approach. (電子書, 2014) [Portland Community College Library]
Social cognition : an integrated approach.

Social cognition : an integrated approach.

作者: Martha Augoustinos; Iain Walker; Ngaire Donaghue
出版商: Los Angeles : SAGE, 2014.
版本/格式:   電子書 : 文獻 : 英語 : 3rd edition所有版本和格式的總覽

The Third Edition of this much celebrated textbook continues to focus on the four major and influential perspectives in contemporary social psychology - social cognition, social identity, social  再讀一些...

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所有的作者/貢獻者: Martha Augoustinos; Iain Walker; Ngaire Donaghue
ISBN: 9781446297254 144629725X
OCLC系統控制編碼: 1147797417
描述: 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white)
内容: Chapter 1: Introduction Defining social psychology The crisis in social psychology Social cognition Aims of this book Organization of this book Concluding commentsPART IChapter 2: Theoretical Foundations Introduction to social cognition models Introduction to social identity theory Introduction to social representations theory Introduction to discursive psychology A post-cognitive psychology?PART IIChapter 3: Social Perception Social cognition and social perception Social identity theory and social perception Social representations and social perception Discursive psychology and social perceptionChapter 4: Attitudes What is an attitude? Social cognitive approaches to attitudes Attitudes and social identities Attitudes and social representations Discursive psychology and attitudesChapter 5: Attributions Social cognition and attribution Social identity and attributions Social representations and attributions Discursive social psychology and attributionsChapter 6: Self and Identity Social-cognitive approaches to self and identity Functions of the self Social identity approaches to self and identity Social representations approaches to self and identity Discursive approaches to self and identityChapter 7: Prejudice Social cognition and prejudice Social identity and prejudice Social representations and prejudice Discursive psychology and prejudiceChapter 8: Ideology Social cognition and ideology Social identity and ideology Social representations and ideology Discursive psychology and ideologyPART IIIChapter 9: Conclusion The individual and society Levels of analysis Realist vs constructivist epistemologies Social change
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'It's very good news that Martha Augoustinos and her co-authors have brought out a new, revised edition of Social Cognition. It really is an excellent, broad-ranging book, whose clear discussion of 再讀一些...







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