The Phonetics of English and Dutch (도서, 2003) [Portland Community College Library]
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The Phonetics of English and Dutch

저자: Beverley Collins; Inger M Mees
출판사: Leiden : Brill, 2003
판/형식:   인쇄본 : 영어 : 5. ed모든 판과 형식 보기

This book is an introduction to the contrastive phonetics of English and Dutch aimed at the Dutch-speaking student from both the Netherlands and Belgium. Numerous self-study exercises are provided in  더 읽기…

이 항목의 온라인 사본 가지러 가는 중… 이 항목의 온라인 사본 가지러 가는 중…

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모든 저자 / 참여자: Beverley Collins; Inger M Mees
ISBN: 9004103406 9789004103405
OCLC 번호: 464488958
설명: 363 s
내용: Preface1. A working basis2. The phoneme3. Transcription4. The speech mechanism5. Classification of consonants6. Fortis/lenis contrast in Dutch and English7. Secondary articulation8. Description and classification of vowels9. Back to the phoneme10. Phonation and states of the glottis11. English checked vowels12. English free vowels13. Sounds and spelling: vowels14. The vowels of Dutch15. English fricative consonants16. English stop consonants17. English nasal and approximant consonants18. Sounds and spelling: consonants19. The consonants of Dutch20. Patterns of adjustment in connected speech: assimilation and elision21. Articulatory setting in English and Dutch22. Stress and rhythm23. Pitch, tone and intonation24. Functions of intonation in English25. Intonation in Dutch and English compared26. Error analysis27. A brief look at other accents of the British Isles28. Some differences between American and British EnglishGuide to the technique of phonemic transcriptionGuide to the technique of allophonic descriptionGlossary of technical termsKey to exercisesFurther reading and list of works consultedVowel symbols used in various systems of transcriptionSelected list of diacritics and phonetic symbolsThe International Phonetic AlphabetEnglish Phonetic Symbol checksheetIndex
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