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Autor: Jacques Jouanna; Hippocrates.
Verlag: Baltimore, Md. : John Hopkins University Press, 1999.
Serien: Medicine & culture.
Ausgabe/Medienart   E-Book : Dokument : Biografie : EnglischAlle Ausgaben und Medienarten anzeigen
"Hippocrates, considered for more than two thousand years the father of medicine, came over time to be credited with a life of mythic proportions and an enormous body of work. In view of Hippocrates' exceptional importance in the history of medicine, it may seem surprising that our knowledge of the life and career of this fifth century B.C. Greek physician should be so incomplete." "Jacques Jouanna contends that a  Weiterlesen…
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Gattung/Form: Biography
Name: Hippocrates.; Hippocrates.; Hippocrates.; Hippocrates.; Hippocrates; Hippocrates.
Medienart: Biografie, Dokument, Internetquelle
Dokumenttyp Internet-Ressource, Computerdatei
Alle Autoren: Jacques Jouanna; Hippocrates.
OCLC-Nummer: 1149309985
Anmerkungen: Includes selections from Hippocrates' works.
Beschreibung: 1 online resource (xii, 520 pages : illustrations).
Inhalt: Hippocrates the Asclepiad (Hippocrates of Cos --
Hippocrates the Thessalian --
Hippocrates and the School of Cos --
Writings in search of an author) --
The physician in the practice of his art (The physician and the public --
The physician and the patient --
The physician and the disease) --
Hippocrates and the thought of his time (Hippocratic rationalism and the divine --
Hippocrates and the birth of the human sciences --
Challenges to medicine and the birth of epistemology --
Medicine in crisis and the reaction against philosophy) --
The granduer and limits of Hippocratism (From observation of the visible to reconstuction of the invisible --
Health, Sickness, and nature --
The legacy of Hippocratism in antiquity).
Serientitel: Medicine & culture.
Andere Titel Hippocrate.
Verfasserangabe: Jacques Jouanna ; translated by M.B. DeBevoise.


This volume contends that a great deal can be concluded about the life and works of Hippocrates. It reveals a man who was indeed a great ancient physician, but also a great philosopher, historian,  Weiterlesen…
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Praise for the French edition: "A beautiful and rich study."'--Le Monde' "The name Hippocrates is known to all, as is the Hippocratic oath; the little island of Cos, his birthplace, has become Weiterlesen…



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