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Giants of Japan : the lives of Japan's greatest men and women Anteprima di questo documento
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Giants of Japan : the lives of Japan's greatest men and women

Autore: Mark Weston
Pubblicazione: New York : Kodansha International, 1999.
Edizione/Formato:   Libro a stampa : Biography : EnglishVedi tutte le edizioni e i formati
Giants of Japan is the first book to inform readers about Asia's powerhouse through the lives of Japan's most important people. The book compresses centuries of history and economic growth by telling the stories - enterprising, adventurous, inspiring - of some remarkable men and women. Here are more than forty fascinating biographies of people who have shaped Japan's industry, history, and culture, individuals who  Per saperne di più…
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Genere/formato: Biographies
Biographical dictionaries (form)
Informazioni aggiuntive sul formato: Online version:
Weston, Mark, 1953-
Giants of Japan.
New York : Kodansha International, 1999
Tipo materiale: Biography
Tipo documento Libro
Tutti gli autori / Collaboratori: Mark Weston
ISBN: 1568362862 9781568362861
Numero OCLC: 40723611
Descrizione: xvi, 377 pages : map, portraits ; 25 cm
Contenuti: Pt. 1. Industry. 1. The House of Mitsui: Merchants for Four Centuries. 2. Iwasaki Yataro and the Growth of Mitsubishi. 3. Matsushita Konosuke: Founder of Matsushita Electric (Panasonic). 4. Tashima Kazuo: Founder of Minolta. 5. Honda Soichiro: Founder of Honda. 6. Kobayashi Koji: The Man Who Turned NEC into a Global Computer Giant. 7. Toyoda Eiji: The Man Behind Toyota's Spectacular Growth. 8. Morita Akio: Co-founder of Sony --
Pt. 2. Traditional Culture. 9. Lady Murasaki: Author of The Tale of Genji, the World's First Great Novel. 10. Sen no Rikyu: Grand Master of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. 11. Izumo no Okuni: The Actress and Dancer Who Created Kabuki Theater. 12. Matsuo Basho: Japan's Great Haiku Poet. 13. Chikamatsu Monzaemon: Japan's Great Playwright. 14. Katsushika Hokusai: Master of the Wood-block Print --
Pt. 3. History. 15. Early Japan: Shinto Myths, the Imperial Lineage, and Shotoku, the Prince Who Spread Buddhism. 16. Yoritomo, Hojo Masako, and Yoshitsune: The First Shogun, His Wife, and His Legendary Brother. 17. Oda Nobunaga: The Warrior Who United Half of Japan. 18. Toyotomi Hideyoshi: The Peasant Who United All of Japan. 19. Tokugawa Ieyasu: The Shogun Who Begun a Three-Century Dynasty. 20. Oishi Kuranosuke: Leader of the Forty-Seven Ronin Who Avenged Their Master's Death. 21. Okubo Toshimichi: The Bureaucrat Who Led Japan into the Modern World. 22. Tojo Hideki: Japan's Wartime Prime Minister. 23. Yamamoto Isoroku: The Admiral Who Planned Pearl Harbor. 24. Emperor Hirohito: His Role in the Final Week of World War II. 25. Yoshida Shigeru: Prime Minister of Japan During the American Occupation. 26. Kato Shidzue: Birth Control Pioneer. 27. Tanaka Kakuei: Modern Japan's Most Powerful but Corrupt Prime Minister --
Pt. 4. Modern Writers. 28. Fukuzawa Yukichi: The Writer Who Helped Japan to Understand the West. 29. Natsume Soseki: The Early Twentieth Century's Most Highly Regarded Writer. 30. Ibuse Masuji: The Novelist from Hiroshima. 31. Hayashi Fumiko: Modern Japan's Most Popular Woman Writer. 32. Mishima Yukio: The Modern Novelist Inspired by the Samurai Tradition. 33. Ariyoshi Sawako: The Writer Who Gave Voice to Silent Women. 34. Kawabata Yasunari and Oe Kenzaburo: Nobel Prize-Winning Novelists --
Pt. 5. Two Film Directors, Two Athletes. 35. Ozu Yasujiro: Director of Poignant Films About Families in Transition. 36. Kurosawa Akira: Japan's Most Widely Admired Film Director. 37. Oh Sadaharu and Ueshiba Morihei: Japan's Home Run King and His Teacher, the Founder of Aikido.
Responsabilità: Mark Weston.


Journalist Mark Weston introduces readers to the history of Asia's powerhouse through the dramatic lives of its most celebrated citizens.  Per saperne di più…
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