Basketball in America : from the playgrounds to Jordan's game and beyond (電子書, 2013) [Portland Community College Library]
Basketball in America : from the playgrounds to Jordan's game and beyond 線上預覽

Basketball in America : from the playgrounds to Jordan's game and beyond

作者: Bob Batchelor
出版商: New York, New York ; London [England] : Routledge, 2013 ©2005
版本/格式:   電子書 : 文獻 : 英語所有版本和格式的總覽

A pioneering analysis of the history of basketball and its effect on popular culture from the 1970s to today. Examines the social and cultural impact of basketball on American society across the  再讀一些...

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類型/形式: History
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所有的作者/貢獻者: Bob Batchelor
ISBN: 9780789016126 0789016125 9780789016133 0789016133 9781135419936 1135419930
OCLC系統控制編碼: 1003229731
描述: 1 online resource (248 pages) : illustrations, tables
内容: About the Editor Contributors Acknowledgments Chapter 1. Introduction: Basketball in America (Bob Batchelor) Part I: BASKETBALL IN AMERICAN CULTURE Chapter 2. Michael Jordan: Icon (Bob Batchelor) Chapter 3. Marvin, Marvin (David Davis) Chapter 4. Nike and Popular Culture (Kelly McMasters) Chapter 5. Hoosiers to Hoop Dreams: Basketball on the Big Screen (Kevin Grace) Part II: THE PLAYGROUNDS AND BEYOND Chapter 6. The Schoolyard Game: Blacktop Legends and Broken Dreams (Bijan C. Bayne) Chapter 7. Fundamentals: Coaching Todays High School Player (Chris Burtch) Chapter 8. Seventeen Things I Learned from Dean Smith (Peter Cashwell) Chapter 9. Socks, Jocks, and Two Championship Rings (Michael Buchert) Chapter 10. Foreign Players and the Globalization of Basketball (Renada Rutmanis) Part III: THE PROFESSIONAL GAME Chapter 11. Elgin Baylor: The First Modern Professional Basketball Player (James Fisher) Chapter 12. Chocolate Thunder and Short Shorts: The NBA in the 1970s (David Friedman) Chapter 13. Crashing the Boards: The WNBA and the Evolution of an Image (Lisa A. Ennis) Chapter 14. Dr. J., Bird, Magic, Jordan, and the Detroit Bad Boys: The NBA in the 1980s (Lawrence Ziewacz) Chapter 15. The Jordan Era: The NBA in the 1990s (Doug Fox) Chapter 16. King James: LeBron James, Hype, Hope, and the Future of the NBA (Bob Batchelor) Chapter 17. Conclusions: Basketball Is America (Bob Batchelor) Bibliography Index Reference Notes Included
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